Wordpress auf mac installieren xampp

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  1. Install WordPress, Download WordPress
  2. How To Install WordPress In XAMPP (Fresh Or From Backup)
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The user you created should have access to the database you created which is why its easier to create the username first and add the database using the option at the same time.

How to Install WordPress in XAMPP in Mac 2018

Should look something like this if you have been successful. Time now to download the latest version of WordPress and install it locally. You may also find this tutorial on installing WordPress manually helpful.

Install WordPress, Download WordPress

I will go through the entire installation process again below. Should look like this. Add your database details to the wp-config.

This will access the installation file in wp-admin if you have setup everything correctly. The WordPress Forum is the best place to find help if you get stuck as they have many years of experience with installation. Enter your username , password , email and click Install WordPress and your cooking with gas!!! Using Microsoft Webmatrix is far easier as its all automatic.

How To Install WordPress In XAMPP (Fresh Or From Backup)

The biggest benefits of using XAMPP is that you will get to use PhpMyAdmin in the same form as whats on your live server and learn far more about the server side of things than you will with Webmatrix. Deploying WordPress to a live server is far easier with Webmatrix but you also miss out on learning.

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If you get stuck you are welcome to contact me or try the WAMP forum. I want to rename this to local dash WordPress. So I go back to my htdocs folder, open up local-wordpress, and edit the wp-config-sample. And there it is!


The WordPress installation window. You can do this for multiple instances of WordPress just by creating new folders in the htdocs directory.

It makes it so much easier to test and tweak WordPress themes and plug-ins. Just trying to set up a site on my Mac as a starter. Yeh, got it to work. Thank you, the combination of written text with the video was the answer. Thanks for this tutorial.